Dilemma with Android version. „Wow“ or „hate“?

August 17, 2016 0 Comments

Many of you can ask why Memista App is just for Apple devices with iOS 8.2 and higher. A lot of meme fans use Android or Windows Mobile operating systems in their devices and meme generator Memista should be available for them as well. Answer is very easy. Those operating systems doesn’t support copy-paste function. That means you can not create a meme directly in your keyboard and just paste it into a message with just one simple click. After creating meme you send it to a message as a link to your picture, not a picture as a whole.

In regard to that problem, we have to push to Android developers together to enable to use copy paste function to enjoy full functionality of the best and fastest meme generator in the world Memista. #WorldFirstMemeKeyboard.  If you are interested in Android version of Memista App don’t hesitate to send an e-mail directly to Android developers that you are missing this function. We have already done this, but we are not a heap of people that they realize they need this function as soon as it is possible.

Let’s try to change our operating systems together. Memista App for Android is about ready, but without copy-paste function it won’t be such a „wow“as in Apple devices where you can create a meme in less than 15 seconds and send it directly into a message. Is it clear? Write us our refletions in comments whether you want Memista for Android or we should concentrate to perfect iOS version. Thanks. Big up for any afford!


In Android devices you can send only link to a file you have sent.


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