Who is the Memista?

January 28, 2016 0 Comments

Idealist is a person who believe in certain ideas. Communist is a person who believe in communism. But what about a Memista? Have you ever heard that? Memista is a person, who believe in meme. Memista use Memes for exploring his own ideas and opinions in everyday life. He is not just sending ordinary boring text  through Messenger or writing statuses on Facebook. Memista always use meme pictures.

When manking developed the writing they used cuneiform writings. But it was too difficult, so mankind started to use characters. Nowadays, technology progress enables us to make something between those two concepts much more faster and easier than ever before. It is called Meme. Now there is Memista App for this, but the way was not so easy as it seems to be.

Memista facts: 8 months of developing, 400 milion of potential users


First of all, you had to use graphic editor, like Paint or something else, to make Meme. It takes at least five minutes to do this. Such a waste time for just one information. That’s why developers bring us Meme creators. Now, a lot of different Meme creating software you can find either on the internet or through offline applications. Much more easier and faster than graphic editors. But still you need at least one minute to create a Meme. What a waste of time! Never more with Memista App.

Memista App is revolutionary step for developing memista society. Producing memes were never easier. You can simply turn on the meme keyboard on your smartphone and with just a few more clicks write your own top and bottom text into the Meme picture. Even for beginner it won´t take more than twenty seconds. According to graphic editors you can make up to fifteen memes during the same time. Amazing!

Become a Memista! Stop texting and start meming! It has never been more easier to create your own meme directly in your keyboard.


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