New memes, new opportunities for Memista!

November 25, 2018 0 Comments

Memista always offered a way to create a meme directly from your keyboard on iOS, but our database was limited. That's over now! Memista got a big update with a lot of new memes to use. And even more are on the way.

Do you remember High Expectations Asian Father or Insanity Wolf? Pepperidge Farm remembers! But now we've got new trending memes like Uganda Knuckles or Savage Patrick. You can find them all in Memista.

We know, that memes are always evolving and Memista is evolving with new memes. From now on, all new memes, that will make a fuzz on the internet, will be added into our app, so you can use them.

If you'll find a new meme, that we missed, we'll be glad, if you share it with us on our social sites. We will make sure, that it's added into our database. If you still don't use Memista, download it for free!


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